Stun Guns Offer Both Flashlight and Protection

I have been selling stun guns for over four years now and I have heard quite a few stories on how they have saved lives. One of my favorites is the one of how a coyote was about to snatch a ladies French Bulldog and she made the zapping noise and the coyote took off. One of the others was told to me by a man who back in the day had bought some of the older models and when his wife was being attacked by two Rottweilers she zapped at them and they scooted off.

The good thing about stun guns is that they offer good lighting while offering protection at the same time. They are good to have on your person when you are hiking, walking, or out for a stroll. Individuals are starting to carry them in their cars for road trips or just to have in their glove box for emergencies. The main thing is to check every so often to make sure they are charged.


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